Marble Springs Cafe

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Troubles Morrison started this cafe when he was 17 in 1910. Billie Rose Cattering backed him, and he used his twin brother's ingenious stoves to heat the place and to cook efficiently. Most of the profits and the food went to feed the workers and their families at the quarry during the Great Strike of 1913, anyone out of work, and most of the people in Hope Town. The cafe also fed everyone during the 1918-1919 flu epidemic, while the White Owl served as hospital and morgue.

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It's Marriage


It's Family

Trials Morrison
Straw Morrison


It's Hatred


It's Friends


It's Business

The cafe served:
Railroad workers and passengers
Quarry workers
Inmates at the jail after Matilda Granger died.
Edna Harris and Rachel Cole urged the Ladies Aid to frequent the cafe instead of the White Owl Saloon.


It's Complicated

Billie Rose Cattering
Emmy Mateson


It’s a secret tearing at the soul


It’s a secret growing in the soul

Doc Nancy
Hope Town
Charity Relief


It's outside the wall



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