Crow's Mountain

The tallest mountain in the Elk Range at 14,569 feet, Crow's Mountain looms over the Crystal River Valley. This mountain is comprised of three separate peeks, each held sacred by the Utes. First climbed by Martin Crow and party July 9th, 1844. Martin was injured in the climb, and his wife Mabel could not nurse him back to health. Martin Crow, one of the last to search for the legendary wealthy cities of the Indians, died at the foot of Crow's Mountain on July 25th, 1844.

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It's Marriage

Mabel Crow and Martin Crow


It's Family


It's Hatred


It's Friends


It's Business


It's Complicated

Look out from the wind-twisted trees and bare alpine rock to the Crystal River Valley below.

  • Constanza thought the valley would hold peace. Go on. It didn't.
  • Maddy thought the snow from the sky would never end. Did it? It would.
  • Cleo lost more than one knife here. To whom? Interesting.
  • Ephraim knew what God wanted. Why? How nice.
  • Millie Horner thought she knew the way out. What? But she never took it.
  • Towee hears the mountain groaning under the weight of footsteps and the dim moon. Go on. I see.
  • Red Birch called to her ancestors here once. Nothing answered. Go on. I see.
  • Ilsa wandered to this peak looking for God. Go on. I understand.
  • Mandy Turner never found the time to climb here. Go on. So what?
  • At twilight, Sadie stops and stares at Crow's Mountain. Go on. Indeed.
  • Hatsuki Yamamoto searches for young ferns here in the early morning but never finds them. Go on. Indeed.
  • Straw found what she needed here. Really? Not hard.
  • Griffith lost everything here. And so what? So did I.
  • Alvina knows that what she needs is in the roots of the tiny flowers that cling to the very top ofthis mountain, but she never gathered them. Why gather only what you need? I will climb for her.

It’s a secret tearing at the soul


It’s a secret growing in the soul


It's outside the wall


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