Crystal River and Rio Grande Railroad

At the urging of T. M. Davidson, the Crystal River Railroad Company1 was formed to build a narrow gauge track that would carry silver ore and marble out of Crystal River Valley. This track reached Marble Springs in 1880 and joined the Denver & Rio Grande line at Glenwood Springs in 1887. After the quarry closed its doors, the railroad tried to bring in tourists, but the Crash in 1929 thwarted this plan. In 1930, the railroad closed. Parts of the graded track remain as a hiking trail into Marble Springs.

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of the railroad.

It's Marriage

T. M. Davidson and Elizabeth Quincy Davidson
Ken Jones and Hui Sing
Luc San and Hui Sing
Lucy Rainer and Ben Rainer
Kenji Yamamoto and Hatsuki Yamamoto


It's Family


It's Hatred


It's Friends


It's Business

T. M. Davidson
Marble Springs
Marble Quarry
Sugar Boy Mine
Black Queen Mine
White Owl Saloon
Ben Rainer Maddy Bates
Ken Jones
Kenji Yamamoto
Luc San


It's Complicated

Emmy Mateson
Bridget O'Shanty
Billie Rose Cattering
Trials Morrison
Troubles Morrison


It’s a secret tearing at the soul

Sue Langley


It’s a secret growing in the soul

Martha Stokes
Rebecca Reaver
Cleo Cat


It's outside the wall

Miss Sing


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