Crystal River

The main river through Crystal River Valley. Known for its trout and singing rapids. Edna said the water was pure1 enough until Alvina tainted it.

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It's Marriage


It's Family

Bridget O’Shanty tried to use the river’s noise to soothe Catriona to sleep.


It's Hatred

Alfred James saw no reason to survey such a tiny creek as the Crystal River.

Ephraim Horner hated what the quarrymen did to the river.


It's Friends

Martha Stokes thew sticks into the river to help her memories go away and Chirpy Stokes fetched more sticks so they could play.

The Washerwoman travelled in safety here.


It's Business

Saskatee followed the river from north to south through Crystal River Valley, gathering willow bark and chokecherries, which turned out to be worthless. Doc Nancy found most of her remedies by wading on the banks of the river.

Alvina made most of her potions by looking at the stars’ reflections on the river rocks.

Fool's Rise


It's Complicated

Ephraim followed the Crystal River to learn all of God’s secrets.

Mabel followed the river to get away from her memories of Martin.


It’s a secret tearing at the soul

Marble Springs gets its water from Crystal River as Settler’s Creek is rumored to be tainted.

the Paines were not allowed to take water from Crystal River, even though the water was already tainted.

Perry Sue wondered what the Washerwoman hid here, and never could find it.


It’s a secret growing in the soul

Ivy uses the tall willow trees along the river to hide her way to the school.

Missy Vernon used the quiet waves as her only metronome, and Robert Vernon loved the rhythms.


It's outside the wall

Lizzie Morrison got the stones for her graves here.

Hazel Wringle died from the winter air here.


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