Cole's General Mercantile

Matthew Cole started the store and other businesses in 1869 to supply the miners and the quarry. The store held on and was the last business in Marble Springs when it closed in 1944. Rachel Cole sat between the window and the counter, so she could look out on the denizens of the town both within and without the store. Inscribed on her chair is:
The having and selling of bread, coffee, flour, and eggs is what holds a town together1.

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of the store

It's Marriage

Rachel Cole and Matthew Cole


It's Family

Rachel Cole and Matthew Cole's sons and daughters worked in the store: Wayne Cole, Walter Cole, Leah Cole, Ruth Cole, Naomi Cole.


It's Hatred


It's Friends

Millie Horner
Edna Harris
Mollie Mateson


It's Business

Rachel Cole
Matthew Cole
The Ladies Aid Society


It's Complicated

Mandy Turner


It’s a secret tearing at the soul

Alvina Heollstar
Peggy Dagmar
Red Birch


It’s a secret growing in the soul

Penny and Ida May


It's outside the wall

Hezekiah and her daughter Ivy


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