Sugar Boy Mine

Old Joe prospected1 Sugar Boy Mountain, a mid-sized mountain flanking the Crystal River Valley. In 1872, he uncovered two large silver veins, and he secretly mined what he could. He showed the high-grade ore to Mr. Davidson, who then became his partner to buy out all other claims on Sugar Boy. The Sugar Boy Mine prospered under Joe’s care, employing two ten-man shifts a day and producing $100,000 of silver a year in its heyday. There had been several explosions and accidents and strikes, but these were not meticulously recorded.

The veins had not tapped out when the Panic of 1893 forced the mine to close.

Since Marble Springs had shunned the proffered largesse of this grizzled prospector and former prostitute, Old Joe and his wife, Billie Rose, had not squandered their savings on buying a good reputation or even simpler luxuries. Thus, they stayed on Sugar Boy in comfort and raised their family2.

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Sugar Boy Mine

It's Marriage

Columbine and Old Joe
Billie Rose and Old Joe
Mandy Turner and Will Turner
Sadie Stoner and Tom Stoner


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It's Hatred


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T. M. Davidson
Old Joe
Tom Stoner
Mandy Turner
Will Turner
Jud Heollstar


It's Complicated

Alvina Heollstar


It’s a secret tearing at the soul


It’s a secret growing in the soul

Charity Relief


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