White Owl Saloon

Saloons littered1 Marble Springs’ streets with raucous music and mystery. The White Owl crowned these places. Jake started the White Owl in 1876. When he was injured in a gambling accident, Emmy took over. By turning the White Owl into a train station resthouse and inn, Emmy straddled the line of respectability and held on while all the other saloons dried out from the Silver Panic and the women's vote

The inn lasted until the Mateson sisters’ deaths when a snowslide buried the inn in the winter of 19292.

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of the White Owl Saloon

It's Marriage

Jake Mateson and Mollie Mateson
Bart Morrison and Ruby Mateson
Millie Horner and Pastor Horner
Alison James and Alfred James
Paul Granger and Matilda Granger


It's Family

Jake Mateson and Mollie Mateson had Ruby Mateson and Emmy Mateson


It's Hatred

Alison James1
Alfred James


It's Friends

Griffith and Jake Mateson and Bart Morrison
Bridget O'Shanty and Billie Rose Cattering and Cleo Cat and Emmy Mateson


It's Business

Doc Nancy
Maddy Bates

Millinery customers (mostly ostrich feathers)
Ida Jenkins

Jail and most of the customers at the White Owl
Matilda Granger
Paul Granger

The girls at the White Owl
Bridget O'Shanty
Billie Rose Cattering
Cleo Cat
Rebecca Reaver

Crystal River Railroad


It's Complicated

Edna Harris


It’s a secret tearing at the soul

Matthew Cole and Cleo Cat
Paul Granger and Rebecca Reaver
Pastor Horner


It’s a secret growing in the soul

Doc Nancy and Bridget O'Shanty and Billie Rose Cattering and Cleo Cat
Abigail Miller


It's outside the wall

Fool's Rise


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