Alvina Heollstar

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What we know

1872 - 1931
Married to Jud Heollstarr, who worked as a carpenter and blacksmith for the Sugar Boy Mine. Two boys, Joey and Jimmy. Her only girl, Judy, died of scarlet fever at five years old.


Alvina's eyes were small red spots1
left over from Joey's measles
and Jimmy's smallpox.

And Alvina spat at Millie
when she came to see
about Judy's funeral.

Ruby claimed catgut held
those eyes to the fat paste
of Alvina's white face.

Rachel Cole always said
how her red-eye whiskey
soured in the light.

But Abigail knew
her potions were worth
the price and the sneer.

Susannah spied her once
when there was no moon,
leering into an iron pot,
muttering about eyes. Eyes. Eyes.





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