Bart Morrison

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What we know

Chummed with Jake Mateson, owner of the White Owl Saloon. Won Jake's daughter, Ruby, in a poker game in 1882, but she ran off. Married Lizzie in 1883. Had thirteen children, oldest was Emily. When Ruby came back in 1895, Bart spent 3 months in the Marble Springs jail after a drunken spree that left three saloons in tatters1.

Cashed Out

by Robert L. Smith

He named their thirteenth child Straw.
Lizzie's mouth tightened,
but she said nothing.
At the baptism, Pastor Horner
looked uncomfortable—it wasn't
a name in any book of saints.
Lizzie stood alone by the font,
her worn bonnet deepening
the shadows in her face.
Never a church-going man, Bart waited
outside, listening for something,
rolling bones in calloused hands.





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