Big Bertha

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What we know

Missy Vernon's mother. A slave on a plantation overlooking the banks of the Mississippi River. Had 6 children, and 5 were sold from her. When Missy was born, she vowed to keep her, and followed the patterns of the north star, evading the patrollers. She was deafened by a patroller gun and never heard Missy sing.1

A Master's Piece

Her daughter had her Master’s eyes,
and she kept them closed when he
came in and threw her on the rough cob bed.

Her daughter had her Master’s voice,
and she kept her quiet, stuffing molasses
in her throat when she brought her into the fields.

Her daughter had her Master’s teeth,
biting hard on her hand as she held that mouth quiet1 willing her baby girl to hush child hush as the patrollers

searched to take her body back to her Master.





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Escaped slave poster. Offer $400 for return or proof of death.

Missy Vernon

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