Clancy Gaylor

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What we know

Clarence (Clancy) Gaylor
1854 - 1884
Left Columbia law school in 1871 after an affair with the Dean's wife. He also seduced Abigail Miller, the fiancee/wife of a friend and fellow student. With the Millers and his new wife, Edith, made his way out West as a miner. His claims near Marble Springs failed, so he turned to blackmail Abigail. He never wrote philosophy.

Un-mining Clancy

by Harry Fulsom

To be unstruck by miner's fever
one has only to see mountains move.
One questions the wisdom of waiting
to be mined by a pick-axe in
a bed that belongs to another.
Better to go and stand between
two mountains; however not as
they are—rather—how they would be
to you.

Clancy would raise his glass:
And if I may, after Jack London1,
say: Mine America First.





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