Edna Harris

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What we know

1865 - 1935
Wife of Joel Harris, owner and editor of the Marble Springs Caller. They moved to Marble Springs from Ohio in 1880 and set up the newspaper, producing a weekly issue until Joel’s death in 1928.
No children

Breaking Points

Edna Harris probed the news1
her husband wrung out
of black printer’s ink.

She pasted it into
long snakes of columns
in old census books,

feeling what had happened
behind the double
screen of black words

until she had spread out
the edges of each tale
to its breaking point.

And understood2.

Tired, she took to shelling
peas on her front porch
across from the White Owl,
watching people passing by,
fingering the thin shell walls
until they no longer held surprises.





Gregory, Doris H.The life of Henry Ripley, Publisher of the Ouray Times, Ouray’s First Newspaper. Self-published, 1985. Available at the Western History Department, Denver Public Library.

McMurtrie, Douglas C. and Albert, H. Allen.Early Printing in Colorado. Denver, Colorado: The A.B. Hirschfield Press, 1935.

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