Elizabeth Quincy Davidson

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Elizabeth Quincy Davidson

What we know

Elizabeth Quincy Davidson née Appleton
1859 - 1906
T. M. Davidson’s Boston sweetheart, she succumbed to his promises of a socially prominent life in the Rockies. Married him to preside over Goliath Manor. No children.

Lady Bountiful

To come from the best
side of Boston
to beyond the backwoods
for Mr. Davidson's foolish hopes
of marble and gold
spurred enough contempt for
Elizabeth Quincy Davidson.

But when Mr. Davidson
asked her to actually
play the Lady Bountiful
and to see to the workers’ comforts1
in their hovels,
she recoiled
in proper horror.

Marble Springs would see only
the thin wraiths of cottonwood seeds
that swept out of her dark-curtained
windows each spring.





Ruland, Sylvia.The Lion of Redstone. Boulder, Colorado: 1981.
Ruland, Sylvia.Colorado’s Mysterious Lady Bountiful. Denver Post, March 25, 1979.

Portal caption and links

A tree, perhaps a cottonwood, if we read a clue from the Text tab. The tree has 6 wide transparent boxes over laid on it, and each on opens a card field. No field script closes the previously opened field, so all six fields can be opened at the same time, revealing something more about Elizabeth Quincy Davidson.

1: With only the finest Vassar education

2: Scions of Roosevelts, Lodges, and Adams mingled in her delicate veins

3: With claims to the Mayflower and an honored member of the DAR

4: Royal Connections from every side

5: Which were, Mr. Davidson had declared, a superior grade.

6: And her father the head of Banker's National Trust

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