Ella May Morrison

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What we know

1885 - ?
Daughter of Bart and Lizzie Morrison. Ellen Anne is her twin sister. Edna Harris watched her running through Settler's Creek and thus had started a rumor that Ella May was not quite right. At one point, Rachel Cole took up a collection to send her to the Denver's Children's Home. But Zandra Miller stepped in and said that Ella May belonged with her family rather than a strange home. So the notion was dropped.

One of thirteen children1.

The Lord's Prayer

Ella May darted after hummingbirds
clapping her hands when she heard
the quick buzz of color

Knowing that life must Pause
to acknowledge the Presence
of a beauty
of a breath
not quite in this world.

But the words to say this
danced out of her mind,
hollowed her
body free
from the sounds and names.

And no one could understand
how she could smile so
even after burning
the day’s bread—
their only sustenance.





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An impossibly small humming bird sipping from an impossibly large flower.

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