Ellen Anne Morrison

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What we know

Daughter of Bart and Lizzie Morrison. Ella May is her twin sister. One of thirteen children1.

Call and Response

Ellen Anne and Ella May,
their mother would call
in the same tired breath,
pointing to Patience or Hope
or Faith or Trials or Troubles,
who had drenched their diapers
or cried with hunger
or burned with fever.

Ellen Anne and Ella May,
as if they were one body
to do the bidding
to gather the eggs
to scrounge the flour
to beg the milk
to feed them all.

Nothing could be further from the truth,
Ellen Anne thought as she once more
ran after Ella May, who had once more
strayed in an enthralling search of
God Knows What.





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A basket of eggs.

Ellen Anne's basket of cares included:

Her father
Her mother
Emily Morrison
Ella May Morrison
Bartholomew Morrison
Scott Morrison
Bonnie Morrison
Hope Morrison
Faith Morrison
Patience Morrison
Spent Morrison
Troubles Morrison
Trials Morrison
Straw Morrison

stuffed in between school and church
without a chance to dance.

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