Enid Grimes

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What we know

née Bashor
1863 -?
From Kentucky. Married Dickon who promised her wealth in the gold fields of California. Followed him through California to Marble Springs and left after three years.


A man like that, her mother had said,
never amounts to much.
Just look at his weak blue eyes,
she’d go on, the stove lids1
rattling her hate.

To marry Dickon, to pretend
to believe his boasts of
next week, next year,
was Enid’s final act of weakness.

He repaid her only
with a defective child
and a stillborn son.

The land was good, he said.
Their claim would come, he said.
His next child… a new life.
In her one moment of strength,
Enid Grimes left.





Pomeroy, Henry R.Prospector’s Pocket Manual: Where and How to Find Gold and Silver Mines. St Louis: self-published, 1881. Available at the Western History Department, Denver Public Library.

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