Ephraim Horner

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What we know

Ephraim Horner

Eldest son of Pastor Horner. Ephraim became weak in the head at a young age,
strangely convinced that he knew God's only cause, and spent his time harranguing the quarry workers. Pastor Horner tried to take care of him, but had to send him away after Mr. Davidson insisted. He died in Belle Fils Home in Denver, Colorado.

Salvation’s Hands

by Robert Lavett Smith and Deena Larsen

When Ephraim talked to God
God answered back
Not filtered in the voices from the choir loft
on Sunday mornings or the tinny hymns
that rose from the upright piano.

God spoke to Ephraim directly
handing down his commandment
as routinely as his father
would tell him to clean the outhouse
or harness the shay.

And God would say, “Behold
my mountain which they have torn
asunder. The milk white breasts
lying shamed, covering themselves only
in the cold crystal of my tears.

The mountain will lie forever ruined
from the dark hand of man.
And I shall turn my face from you.
And my tears will tear
down all that you have raised.
But you shall find grace in my sight,
yea, yet shall my hand spare even thee
if the mountain drink from my healing river. "

Ephraim would rise from the outhouse
or drop the curry combs,
Climb the familiar cliffs,
knees sinking in nettles, cooling
himself on the marble's torn flesh.
Groping for words
as the workers came down,
He would call to them, "It is not
too late. Flood the quarry
to quench God's wrath1.
Dam the river at the cleft above
to save His mountain and your souls."

On the trail, the workers would hurry by,
silently breathing the marble dust
from their greyed hair
leaving him alone with his God
until the Pastor came at sunset
to lead him back.





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