Feedom Vernon

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What we know

1881 -??
Daughter of Missy Vernon and Robert Vernon1

Quilt Signals

Miss Keeperly taught Freedom how to scrap.
My grandmother, Laura told her, told me of
the patterns she used to hang on her picket
fence—right above Cairo, overlooking the
Mississippi River.

A log cabin crossing: a safe place to stay.
A wagon wheel turning: roll far away.
A drunkard’s path weaving: avoid patrols in any way.

Ivy told her that freedom’s language was much more
dense and could never be held1 to a simple pattern.





Portal caption and links

A quilt showing common underground railroad patterns to the path of freedom.

Hezekiah Lincoln
Ivy Lincoln
Towee Pitkin
Red Birch Pitkin
Charity Paine
Kevin Paine
Jonah Paine
Henry Pitkin
Missy Vernon
Robert Vernon
Jordan Vernon
Moses Vernon
Liberty Vernon
Big Bertha

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