Henry Pitkin

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What we know

1830 - 1889
Born in Arkansas, but served on the Union side in the Civil War. Was serving in the army when they first escorted the Utes out1 of Crystal River Valley in 1863. On that journey, he traded for Towee. He then travelled through the West with army and finally settled back in Marble Springs. Worked in the Quarry. Three sons (Black Bird Pitkin, Samson Pitkin, and Lionel Pitkin) and one daughter, Red Birch, all from Towee. He left Marble Springs in 1883 after Red Birch died.

Blood Stains

When everyone else swore at the leaking canvas,
the mud-cold coffee, the stinkin injun vomit,
Henry Pitkin said nothing. 
Found a dry cloth to wrap up Towee’s shivering,
slender body. Washed the scarlet fever from the
blankets, then from her brow.

When everyone else snarled at the delays
as the Utes stood and keened when Towee’s
grandmother collapsed cold on the trail,
Henry Pitkin held Towee’s sobbing, shaking frame.
When he was not granted even time to dig the grave,
Henry Pitkin knew what he had to do.





Proud bugler in the army.

Naomi Cole

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