Hezekiah Lincoln

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What we know

1835 - 1900
Former slave from New Orleans. Fleeing persecution from the Reconstruction, she came to Marble Springs in 1887. She worked as a domestic for the Coles. Hezekiah had eight children; seven were sold from her before the Civil War. Ivy, her youngest, was born in freedom.


Hezekiah Lincoln carried Ivy, the only child left her,
Sweet Jesus
out from under those dark green bayous
Dear Jesus
where secret places hung under Spanish moss.
Carry Me Lord
Thought she’d be free in the West where the sky is open.
Rise Up Lord
Miz Cole wants lamb1 and wine tonight. Boil more soap2.
Lord Jesus
Bread rises up, steam curls in letters Ivy knows.
Lift Me Up Lord

And Ivy can read.
Yes, Lord
And Ivy can climb out from slavery
Take Us Home
And they can laugh together into the promised land.
Take Us Home, Lord.





Brown, Clara. "Aunt" Clara Brown: Story of a Black Pioneer. Boulder, Colorado: Pruett Publishing Company, 1970.

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