Ivy Lincoln

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Ivy Lincoln

What we know

1877 - 1955
Daughter of Hezekiah Lincoln. She was not welcome in the school nor in the town since she was black. Left Marble Springs and flowered in the Harlem Renaissance as a writer.

How It Is

Girls smile and curtsey for their tea,
bobbing their prim white pinafores
in that tornMcGuffey’s Reader Miz Miller lent her.

Girls smile as their long, light hair
sweeps itself up into full silk skirts
in posters for Pears Hair Tonic on Miz Cole's walls.

Ivy tossed her short dark braids,
smoothed her old patched apron, and
tucked her smile under a marble-white
cornerstone of the Marble Edifice
while she stood under the damp eaves,
listening to the daily recitations
and scrawling on a stolen slate1.





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