Jenny Wringle

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Jenny Wringle

What we know

Wife of Peter Wringle, a Connecticut farmer turned miner. Four sons and one daughter. All died and were buried throughout their travels. Their daughter, Hazel, was buried in Marble Springs.

Left Behind

In five new-christened graveyards,
each firmly fenced against wolves,
she buried four sons
and one daughter.
Rock-ice sluices of gold
washed her husband's blood,
rushed them on and into
wildernesses of white winter passes
and bark-chewing starvations
It would have been such an easy thing to die
she of course had done no such thing1.





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A drawing of a rough cross with a string of beads or bones around it.
May my Hazel be at my right hand; Judy at my left; Sarah at my feet; Catriona at my head; and the prayers of God above me to shield me."

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