Jonah Paine

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Jonah Paine

What we know

1881 - 1947
Eldest son of Kevin and Charity Paine. Jonah grew up in Marble Springs. He and his brothers (along with the Lincolns and Vernons) were denied entrance into the Marble Springs School1. He worked alongside his father in the lumber yard. When he was 15, he left for the other side of the mountains and started a lumber yard in Grand Junction, Colorado. His parents joined him in 1908 when his father's lumber yard went bankrupt.


Ivy taught Jonah his three Rs1,
forming words from his father’s
smoothly carved wood blocks,
Scrawling his numbers in Crystal
River’s muddy spring banks,
wondering at the worlds
in the now tattered McGuffey’s Readers.

His mother taught Jonah his soul,
clasping his hands with his father’s in prayer,
seeing that God knew the beauty of aspen
struggling up Boot Hill, redolent with love
in the evening twilights, leaves moving
with the hymns Missy Vernon sang far into the nights.

His father taught Jonah his trade,
how each grain of wood tells its own story:
the thick laughter of good years, the thin
stretched strands of thirst. How to frame
that story into strong foundation beams,
delicate filigree carvings around the edges.

It’s finding that balance, Jonah would tell his sons.
between your way and the wood’s way.





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Sketch of a wood bracket filigree.

Troubles Morrison and Trials Morrison also rooted their desires in hunger and cold.
The River gave him the driftwood he needed.

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