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Daughter of Nabuinde. Mother of Towee Pitkin. Survived the forced march of 1863, and was never sure if the loss of the land overshadowed the loss both her mother and her daughter.

Ute Leavings

When Towee asked her where they were going
What they were doing, who those thick-clothed
men were, Katalin had no answers.

When her mother fell on shaking knees, coughing
blood and sweating blood and streaming blood from
her feet, Katalin had none of her herbs.

When Henry Pitkin left the Ute Army Escort,
Carrying Towee wrapped above his saddlebags,
Katalin could only conjure up blurred lines of
the white and red streaked cliffs of what had
once been her home and was now White Man Territory.
Leave each color alone, was all Katalin could pray.





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