Kevin Paine

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Kevin Paine

What we know

1860 - 1930
Married to Charity (1864-1913) in 1881. Worked1 in the Marble Springs lumber yard and bought it in 1890. Stayed with it until it went bankrupt in 1908. Went to live and work for his son, Jonah, in a lumber yard in Grand Junction, Colorado. Three living sons, Jonah, Micah, and Ezekial.

The Color of Your Money

It wasn’t how he loved Charity
their bodies nestling together
in the safety of the darkness, 
in the short spans between
work and hunger.

It wasn’t how he saved every
penny, taking food from his
own mouth to feed the slowly
growing hoard of coins under
the cracked floor.

It wasn’t how he bought the
lumber yard, a secret deal
made real only by buying Asa
Miller’s signature, when anyone else
just needed a handshake.

It wasn’t how he honed the wood,
making sure it was the best.
Giving no one the excuse to buy
from someone else, from anyone else
not his color.

It was the color of his skin
T. M. Davidson saw when he refused to partner to expand the railway.
Matthew Cole saw when he refused more time for the rents or store accounts.
Michael Nolan saw when he refused any more credit from the Marble Springs bank.

The color of your money is only skin deep, Kevin told his sons.





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1880 gold certificate for $500. Original colors.

Kevin shares this color with:
Robert Vernon
mulatto with green eyes.

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