Liberty Vernon

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What we know

Son of Missy Vernon and Robert Vernon.1

Patty Rollers

Late at night, after everyone was sung to sleep,
Liberty listened to his mother’s shushing moans.

Shhhh, honey, hush now. Don’t make a sound[1.
If you love your mamma, hush honey, hush.
His mother’s sleep voice would raise, harsher
and harsher on each sibilant shhhh.
His father would hold his mother tight,
his fingers smoothing her brow over
and over again, as if repeating a dance
step too long forgotten:

a memory too long sharp.





A popular abolitionish sketch showing a man in chains and asking "Am I not a man and a brother?"
Hope Town still holds the chains of the past.
Big Bertha
Missy Vernon
Red Birch Pitkin

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