Lottie Horner

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What we know

Lothia (Lottie) Horner
1880 - ?
Eldest daughter of Pastor and Millie Horner. Disappeared from Marble Springs when she was 18. Leah Cole occasionally received letters from Chicago marked L. Horner.


Pastor Horner forbade1 his daughter
to attend dances in Jenson’s barn.
Or anywhere else for that matter.

Lottie went anyway,
her smile-filled eyes
turning the boys faster
than the caller’s thumping feet.
Her long curls twirled in
the lamp light, throwing gold shadows
on the fine organdy and lace
Leah Cole lent her.

One of the boys would
see her home, helping
her climb quietly back
into her window,
softly laughing,
in the dark.





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