Luc San

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What we know

18? - ?
Luc San's father, a Tibetan monk hidden in China, taught Luc San Buddhist precepts in secret. At twelve, Luc San left his hopes of an education to ease the burden of famine on his family. He owned a poultry shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. Prosperous, he bought Miss Sing as a wife. After the San Francisco riots, he followed the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and died before the rail connected with the CR&R Railroad. These may or may not be the facts.


We in this new world were born unlucky.
during his enlightenment, looked
in the ten directions
and made no distinction1
between up and down.

She, shya, shang, li, chyu?
What is up, down,
in, and out?
Without you there is neither
up nor down.

No one is left to tell us
how to make the sound
of one hand clap2
against another.





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A Taijitu, or yin yang symbol.
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