Mabel Crow

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What we know

1827 - 1879
Wife of Martin Crow, who explored Ute Territory and beyond to Yerba Buena. On his return trek to the States, he trapped beaver pelts and searched for Gold in Crystal River Valley. He died at the base of Crow’s Mountain in 1844. His party continued eastward, and Mabel homesteaded out in the newly opened Indian Territory. humans:saskatee, the Choctaw woman guide for Crow party, died from fever on the return journey.

The Seekers

Martin kept looking for his unknown land
floating his log raft down the Colorado—
It was the Northwest Passage this
and the Seven Cities of Gold that
and the dowser with its ivory
handles out at every hill.

And Mabel kept on behind him
with Saskatee guiding her
into the intricacies of turning
venison hides and rabbit fur
into cloaks and snowshoes
and a Godey’s hoop skirt1
with lead tucked in the hem to keep
the wind from blowing it around.

And after marking Martin’s grave
at the top of Crow’s Mountain,
she followed the Crystal River
back out of the mountains
to the edge of Indian Territory.

Homesteaded alone until
her eight-by-ten cabin
was swallowed up in the dust
of the sun.





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