Mariah Horner

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Mariah Horner

What we know

Brought up by Pastor Horner and Millie Horner. Sue Langley’s child. Died of consumption her mother claimed she caught whilst she ministered to the unfortunate inmates of the White Owl.


After the Pastor left
Bridget with nothing
and Bridget left in his red shay,

Mariah stole out
to tend the empty grave
in the dew-chilled mornings.

She cleared aspen leaves
the color of forgotten blood
from the wood cracks.

Filled the gaping hole
with bundles of sage and thick
layers of marble dust.

Later, she threw handfuls
of dry dust crystals into the air
behind the outhouse

As if their unseen edges
could carve the unspoken
darkness into something like peace1.





An abstract drawing of petals radiating out from the center of a flower, or like rays from a sun.
Pastor Horner
Sue Langley
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Bridget O’Shanty
Millie Horner

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