Maude Newsome

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What we know

Mrs. Maude Newsome, a cousin of the Cole’s, from New York came to be entertained for the summer in 1892, in an easy1 sort of style.

A Proper Introduction to the Right Connections

Mrs. Maude Newsome declared Marble Springs
Delightfully unpretentious.

Rachel Cole steered her away from anything
beyond the cursory. Arranged for her
to travel the town circuit in a respectable
fashion with Pastor and Millie Horner.
Provided a reception at her parlor,
which Elizabeth Quincy Davidson
declined with regrets.

Rachel Cole begged Emmy to keep
the Washerwoman out of view.
Instructed Naomi not to let Maddy
Bates sleep in her night shift on
the front porch of the White Owl.
Had Hezekiah clean up and feed
the Morrison horde.

Asked Matilda to ensure that the
dwellers of Hope Town never
came out of their proper places.
Rachel told Joel Harris not to spill
any sordid secrets in the Caller that summer,
and reminded Edna that a quiet tongue
was a civil tongue.

But Mrs. Maude Newsome borrowed
a rig from Penny and Ida, spent a day
panning gold with Griffith down in Willow Creek,
secretly escorted Lottie and Leah to the dances,
bought a poultice off Alvina to ensure the fidelity
of her dear Duncan, and sipped chokecherry wine
with Zandra and Doc Nancy far into the night.

There are friends you have to clean up for,
Mrs. Maude Newsome decreed. 
And friends you don’t.





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