Miriam Nolan

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What we know

née Rubenstein
1886 - 1913
Only daughter of Jacob and Ilsa Rubenstein. She married her father’s partner in the bank, Michael Nolan, in 1906. Five years later, they quickly left Marble Springs after the county auditor discovered embezzling at the bank. She died two years later giving birth to a stillborn girl.

The Accomplice

When Michael took her in behind [[[dance|Jenson’s
old barn that first night
just like Mother said he would,
she lay still,
staring at the patterns
left by old barkbugs
on the naked log walls.

When he had company
every Saturday night and
demanded store-bought whiskey,
she said nothing—went out early,
gathering fresh-cut junipers
to disentangle the alien smells of
smoke and sweated cards1.

When he quickly packed the new
Packard and they left for Alaska
at 2:20 a.m. on a star-dimmed fall
Sunday, he whined bitterly
as she went back to tie up
her rust chrysanthemums and mint.

And he refused to let her leave
a note at the bank for Father.





Pratt, Lester Amos. Bank Frauds: Their Detection and Prevention. New York: Ronald Press Company, 1947.

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