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What we know

1792 - 1863
Uncompaghre Ute.Daughter of Pohanapusa. Mother of Katalin. Grandmother of Towee. Died in the 1863 forced march. Was left unburied.

When the Vision Ended

At her daughter’s bear dance, Nabuinde
dreamed that the snowwater melting
into the ground was what woke the bears, and
that the breath of the bears coming out
from under the mountain was what stirred the tops
of the new spring aspen leaves, the trees
shaking into silver-veined strands of her own soul.

At her granddaughter’s bear dance, Nabuinde
stared at the light which once more streamed through
the aspens, lighting the pale white trunks into ghost visions.
The melting snows turned to blood soaking into the ground,
drowning the breath of the bears in their lairs,
shaking the patterns of the river into ragged edges
of scouring floods that left no water.

She asked her mother, who said only that Senawahz,
the creator of all, breathes through all our dreams and visions.

The soldiers came. Hurried them away at the height of summer,
crushing the ripe chokecherries under their wagons.

It was her blood seeping into the ground.
It was Senawahz breath that ended.





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Midnight visitor. Joseph Goldsborough Bruff.

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