Peggy Dagmar

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What we know

Peggy Dagmar née Knoll
1835 - 1886
Married Perdy Dagmar, a gold miner. Had two boys, Gilbert and Hubert. The boys died of ague at ages six and ten while the family crossed the plains into Colorado in 1860. Lived in Cripple Creek, Leadville, Aspen, and Marble Springs, following the gold and silver.

Peggy’s Diary

Silence falls through pale
needles into the blue spruce,
unshaken by swirling snow
on half-burnt pages of paper
stuffed under wet green branches
as though she had tried
to cover their bodies in fire1 :

Rachel Cole won’t give credit.
10 cents cornmeal 17 cents 5 eggs
The Lady from Detroit
two tents over
says nothing
I baked Bread
We set off
Cold… light snow
We have lost the Trail





Sources of information

Frazier, Samuel Milligan.Secrets of the Rocks, or, the Story of the Hills and Gulches: a Manual of Hints and Helps for the Prospector and Miner. Denver, Colorado: Hall and Williams, 1907. Available at the Western History Department, Denver Public Library.

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