Perry Sue Gladston

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Perry Sue Gladston

What we know

1857 - 1927
Married to Charles Gladston, a farmer turned itinerant miner. Had five children: Perry, Susan, Charlie, Timothy, and one, died in infancy and is buried in Marble Springs graveyard.

Moving On

Windmill arms incessantly
rolling the cotton in ice water.
Sand against stone against shirts.
Moving on today. And again

Nailed to the back of the hollow
in the third tree on the left side
of Crane’s Creek in Cane, Virginia—
just behind the pool where Timmy
Horne drowned in 1829—
was her mother’s locket;
the tin heart webbed over softly
by thirty generations
of velveteen spiders1.





Watkins, T.W.Gold and Silver in the West: The Illustrated History of the American Dream. Palo Alto, California: American West Publishing Company, 1971.

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Drawing of an opened and possibly broken heart-shaped locket, with a spider's web in the left-half and a small spider in the right half.
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