Susannah Smith

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What we know

1847 - 1882
Married to Herbert Jenkins Smith, the town postmaster and general lush. Three children: (Little Nellie Smith) lived and two daughters (Janet Marian Smith and Nanette Victoria Smith) died in infancy.

Literary Society

Susannah took in the literary
papers from Denver’s Literary Society,
Boulder’s Fortnightly1,
and a dozen extra from back East.
Never wrote them back;
paid in Rachel Cole’s name.
Read by the firelight
smoking up through choke-grasses.
Read by the sunlight
filtering down through summer aspens.

Sorted the mail
and she delivered it all
up Crystal River Valley
she sorted the bars too, till
Ruby snapped it out
that her drunk husband
wouldn’t be found.

Met the grizzly over by Alvina’s
and it was surmised2 that her eyes
were too weak to shoot it.

The literary papers still
piled up all that year until
the dues ran out.





Literary Societies
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