Troubles Morrison

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What we know

1893 - ?
Son of Bart and Lizzie Morrison. Trials is his twin brother. One of thirteen children1.

The Hunger

Troubles Morrison never forgot his hunger days
when the Morrison horde separated into clamoring
voices and then coalesced once more into a single
cavernous mouth to feed—where scanty morsels
dropped down like pebbles in the old mine shaft
behind the railway station, clattering down and
down into an unending emptiness.

He and Straw pored over Doc Nancy’s herbals.
Cinnamon for wealth and power
Sage for knowledge and dreams
Mint for strength and joy.

Billie Rose staked him to start the
Marble Springs Café, knowing full well
that the profits—and most of the provender—
were poured down the throats of the
children still living in Hope Town.

But never knowing about the nights he spent
strewing good herbs down the old mine shaft
longing for it to fill.





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An unidentified herb from a latin herbal.

All the hungry mouths cried out to Troubles:
Peggy Dagmar
Perdy Dagmar
Alfred James
Allison James
inside and outside of his family.
But Doc Nancy's roots held him strong in Hope Town.

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