Victoria Green

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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Victoria Green

What we know

née Wilson
1862 - 1918
Married Hank Green at sixteen and came out seeking silver. After failing to make a strike, Hank set off for the Klondike Rush in the Yukon.Victoria stayed behind to run a boarding house in Marble Springs. No children. Died in the flu epidemic of'18.

Seeing the Elephant

When Victoria Green went off
with Hank to See the Elephant1,
her mamma vowed to send
snippets of hair each year—
For keepsakes, she said.

When the packets of hair came
from Back East, Victoria wove
them into curlicues and spirals
to mock the delicate
elephant flowers outside
her cabin door.

And she wondered about the faces
of the nieces she’d never seen;
her mother’s raven black hair that
slowly turned light.

After her mother died,
Victoria turned to weave the
mountain goat hair left behind
on the sharp cold branches
of Crow’s Mountain.

Then she dried thin stalks
of wildflowers into wreaths—
For mamma, she said.
Who never saw
the elephant.





Boarding Houses
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