Chokecherry Wine

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What we know

A thin, reedy drink that too many often sweeten.

Chokecherry Wine

by Robert L. Smith

The chokecherries should be quite ripe… .

There is a voice in the wine,
as pervasive as sadness or sin.
It runs beneath the unpaved strets,
buried deep in the ancient
marble bones of the earth.

Rachel Cole heard it
in her mossy cellar
as she mashed cherries
for what she would have
insisted were preserves
had anybody asked.

Sadie Stoner heard it
at meetings of the Ladies Aid,
when the conversation
and theclick of knitting needles
seemed for an instant
like the shrillness of birds
in trees whipped by high wind.

Bridget O'Shanty heard it
as she turned her face to the wall
on winter nights at the White Owl
when she could feel the blizzard
beginning inside her head.

Doc Nancy heard it
more clearly than anyone,
though she seldom drank
since whatever surgery the town required
depended on her steady hands.

Foxglove and ergot will lose babies.
All her life, Nancy would remember
how when it was over she gave Zandra Miller
a swallow of wine1.
in a tin cup,
and it slipped from the girl's fingers,
leaving a darkness like blood on the sheets. 





Drawing of an anasazi pot or basket, likely for gathering meta:chokecherries.
Doc Nancy

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