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Marble Springs 2.0 screenshot of Confessions

What we know

A more-or-less hidden page on Marble Springs 2.0.

Notes from somewhere else

I didn't write Marble Springs for any sort of audience or interaction whatsoever. The secretive patterns, stories, and difficult interface make this somewhat obvious. 

I created and lived in Marble Springs primarily to keep my sanity while I was going through a few difficult times. I wanted a refuge where my soul could run to anytime it needed to, so I created Marble Springs from a pastime of research1 and populated my town with figments who could comfort me in the very depths of their being. In a dark, knowing way, it was the women of Marble Springs who took me in and understood my outbursts. So I never really bothered with the men.

While I grew up, I saw the soul-destruction of those around me who had no refuge. Their recourse from an angry reality mainly consisted of flights into mind-numbing drugs or apathy. I thought then, well, the only thing I have to share is my little world. And I can only provide it through a very clunky and probably useless interface (let's face it, if you have enough wherewithal to read and to use a computer, you don't need the world I'm offering.) So I filled my space with secrets and then offered them up in the hopes that others could to take this and shape it for their own places of refuge. I provided a chance to change the writing for those patient enough and wise enough in the ways of computers.

I never meant to make this easy. 





A drawing of some olives, hanging from the lower right edge of the card field border.  

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Portal for secret connections
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