Directory of Humans

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What we know

This list shows the stories as of the launch of Marble Springs 3.0.

Those with stories

Searches Constanza Ascencione
Chests of Stone Maddy Bates Alex Brown
Cleo at the White Owl Cleo Cat Sarah Smith
Settling In Billie Rose Cattering
Singlejacking Columbine Cattering
Silver is the Secret to Happiness Joe Cattering
A Swell Lily Cattering
Silk Colors Penny Cernak
Aspen Gold Leah Cole
Gleaner Naomi Cole
Marriage Ruth Cole Sarah Smith
Rules Rachel Cole
Intemperance Rachel Cole Len Edgerly
untitled Matthew Cole Kathy House
untitled Matthew Cole Chris Willerton
Reflections Lillian Cooper
Night Winds Caroline Croft
The Seekers Mabel Crow
Peggy’s Diary Peggy Dagmar
Lady Bountiful Elizabeth Quincy Davidson
Doc Nancy Nancy Ellimar
Promises Edith Gaylor
Un-mining Clancy Clancy Gaylor Harry Fulsom
Moving On Perry Sue Gladston
In His Name Matilda Granger
Finalities Jedediah Grasslands
Keeping the Peace Matilda Granger Sarah Smith
Seeing the Elephant Victoria Green
The Griffin's Price Griffith Sandora Chappelle
Strength Enid Grimes
Sun’s Gold Sarah Grimes
Wildflowers Anne Harmon
Mountain Sunrise Dell Harmon
Untitled Tim Harmon Jennifer Whitten
Breaking Points Edna Harris
Eyes Alvina Heollstar
Jud Heollstar Ears
The Perfect Strength Ed Horner
Untitled Ed Horner Chris Willerton
Salvation’s Hands Ephraim Horner Robert and Deena
Firelight Lottie Horner
Caretaker Mariah Horner
Respect Millie Horner
Tribulation Allison James Marion Albrecht
Providing Alfred James Marion Albrecht
Red Ribbons Ida May Jenkins
Sven’s Wife Ingrid Jenson
Quilts Laura Keeperly
Confinement Sue Langley
Baking Bread Hezekiah Lincoln
How It Is Ivy Lincoln
Whispers in Wine Emmy Mateson
Crumbs Mollie Mateson
French Ruby Mateson
Cover Up Abigail Miller
Great Things Asa Miller
Handing Down Wisdom Gertrude Miller
Hair Zandra Miller
Cashed Out Bart Morrison Robert L. Smith
The Lord's Prayer Ella May Morrison
Call and Response Ellen Anne Morrison
School Days Emily Morrison
The Silence of Things Lizzie Morrison Robert and Deena
Gathering Rituals Straw Morrison
The Cold Trials Morrison
The Hunger Troubles Morrison
A Proper Introduction to the Right Connections Mrs. Maude Newsome
The Accomplice Mariam Nolan
Counting Bridget O’Shanty
Lone Rock Canyon Road Bridget O’Shanty Ray Kerr
His Hands Charity Paine
Jonah Paine Lessons
The Color of Your Money Kevin Paine
Blood Stains Henry Pitkin
Ute Leavings Katalin
When the Vision Ended Nabuinde
Ute Crossing Towee Pitkin
Half-breed Red Birch Pitkin
Opening the Quarryman’s Grave Sàndor Popovìc Robert L. Smith
Waiting Lucy Rainer
Conning Through Rebecca Reaver
Investments Ilsa Rubenstien
Untitled Luc San Harry Fulsom
Miss Sing Hui Sing
Literary Society Susannah Smith
Reassurances Chirpy Stokes
Nowhere Martha Stokes
China Richard Stokes Jenny Kimber
Katy’s Creek Katy Stoner
Scraps Sadie Stoner
Blacksmith Tom Stoner Cindy Woods
Striking Silver Mandy Turner
A Master's Piece Big Bertha
Quilt Signals Freedom Vernon
Patty Rollers Liberty Vernon
Out of Egypt Missy Vernon
Foot Free and Fancy Loose Robert Vernon
Abandoned Hazel Wringle
Left Behind Jenny Wringle
Mail Order Bride Hatsuki Yamamoto
The Washerwoman





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