About Marble Springs

Marble Springs is a complex study of characters using the odd bit of information picked up here and there.

Come explore the lives of women in a small Colorado mining town from the mid 1800s when white men first swooped to the gold fields to the mid 1900s when wars took the final breath from the town.

  • To understand the people, the culture, the times, requires understanding intricate webs of connections.
  • Understand the writings through the prologue.

As in the mines and quarry remember that what is real and what is unreal lie far below the surface of the words

For the serious student, I have two files attached to this page. The Master File is an excel spreadsheet of the original materials for Marble Springs 3.0 that provides a:

  • Handy way to sort and view characters by first name, last name, connections, footnotes, and tags
  • Timeline of who lived when in Marble Springs (gold indicates in the town, blue indicates alive but living elsewhere).

Everything is an html page with all the original text used in these pages. Looking at this file is the only way to see certain content. (Come on, people. Every work I have ever done has hidden text, and this was the only way to do it for Marble Springs 3.0.)

Deena Larsen
Marble Springs 1.0 (1993) is still available from Eastgate Systems and runs on any macintosh built before 2006 (with System 9 or lower) and HyperCard.

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